What I wanted to read this week, but didn’t
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What I wanted to read this week, but didn’t

It’s the week before finals which means my coffee intake is high and my to-read list is growing longer by the day. At this point, I have an overwhelming amount of open browser tabs filled with articles I keep meaning to read. For me, winter break is a time for food and naps, but it also an opportunity to catch up on lots of reading. In the next week, I’ll be finishing up a semester-long development consulting project for the Associated Press (more on that soon). Until then, my reading list will surely grow even more.

What I’ll be reading

This overview of the year’s top articles on digital news and social media research.

The first amendment issues in the Mizzou protest video are more complicated than they seem.

This critique of Minimum Viable Product’s (MVP) lean startup advocate Eric Ries tweeted.

How an all-women’s hackerspace is building stuff/taking names in San Francisco.

How the unthinkable became reality in the newspaper industry, and what it means now.

A look at some of the downsides of content marketing. 

The Knight Foundation is funding journalism curriculum framed around the concept of design thinking.

What I’ll be re-reading

The New York Daily News is using startups to help fuel innovation. 

Amy Webb’s take on how to make journalism schools great again.

Girls recap a year of women change makers. 

RIP Grantland.



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