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The Kansas City Star (June-August 2015)

As the Kansas City Star’s first-ever digital news intern, I posted to the organization’s Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram pages. I spent roughly half of the summer as a web editor, crafting social media posts for an audience of more than 190,000, publishing content to using Content Studio and NewsGate, checking wire news services for breaking news and adjusting content on the site’s homepage based on analytics. I also managed all of The Star’s social media channels by myself for a full week in July.

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Women in Engineering Center (March 2015-present)

In March 2015, I began work as an editorial assistant for the University of Missouri’s newly established Women in Engineering Center. The center was founded by an anonymous alumnae with the goal of supporting women in Mizzou’s College of Engineering. In my first three months maintaining the site’s Twitter page, I was able to double the number of followers through strategic social media planning. I also developed the center’s Facebook audience.

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ONA Mizzou (August 2014-present)

In spring 2014, I was elected co-social media coordinator for ONA Mizzou. The organization is the university’s chapter of the national-level Online News Association, and the student-run organization plans monthly events on a wide range of digital media topics. During the summer of 2014, I posted daily social media updates to the organization’s Twitter and Facebook pages using Hootsuite. I regularly posted about digital media tools and news, and I also blogged for the organization’s website. In 2015, I was elected president of the organization and led an executive board to plan 6 digital media training events per semester.

As co-social media coordinator for ONA Mizzou, I used Hootsuite to post daily on the organization’s Twitter and Facebook pages. I often posted links to the organization’s blog, as seen in this photo.
I also followed digital media news closely to find interesting articles and tips to post on ONA Mizzou’s Twitter page. I tweeted out multiple articles of interest daily.

Missouri Business Alert (May-August 2014)

When I began my summer internship at Missouri Business Alert, my editor asked me to run social media efforts because of my previous social media experience for Maker Faire KC. I managed the news site’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts daily for the duration of the summer, and I met with editors weekly to implement new tactics on social media. I implemented new ideas, such as posting more photo content on Twitter, and writing social media posts with a more human voice, instead of just posting headlines. I helped to grow Missouri Business Alert’s Twitter following by more than 15 percent by the end of the summer.

Missouri Business Alert placed me in charge of social media work during my summer internship. I posted daily on the site’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn pages. I created this post linking to an article I wrote about Maker Faire KC.
Throughout my internship at MBA, I implemented a number of new social media techniques, including posting more photos and compiling the day's top headlines into a Morning Minutes post.
Throughout my internship at MBA, I implemented a number of new social media techniques, including posting more photos and compiling the day’s top headlines into a Morning Minutes post.

Maker Faire Kansas City (May-August 2013)

As a strategic communication intern for Union Station in Kansas City, I was tasked with promoting Maker Faire Kansas City. Maker Faire KC is one of the largest technology and entrepreneurial festivals in the world. Leading up to festival, I blogged daily about the events and projects that would be shown at the Faire, and I promoted the content on the Faire’s Facebook and Twitter page. The weekend of Maker Faire KC, I led a small social media team of about five people to cover the event for more than 10,000 attendees. I posted photo galleries of the event to Facebook, and covered the event live on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I also uploaded the Faire schedule into an app platform called Eventbrite to make the Faire schedule accessible on smart phones. I also volunteered as an event photographer in summer 2014 because I had so much fun at the event my first year.

In June 2013, I led a social media team to cover Maker Faire KC. Over the course of the event, I posted videos and photos to the event’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. I posted updates such as this video regularly throughout the course of the weekend-long event.
I posted a variety of content on the event's social media pages including this photo gallery and quote as the event was happening.
I posted a variety of content on the event’s social media pages including this photo gallery and quote as the event was happening.

The JagWire (August 2010-May 2012)

In summer 2010, I worked with another student to launch a website for our high school newspaper, the JagWire. We spent our first months working with a web host to populate the site, and we only updated the site sparingly. I made the website my top priority when I became editor-in-chief of the newspaper my senior year,  and I spent countless hours improving the site. I directed web assignments for a staff of 30, redesigned the site layout and added new sections. Under my direct leadership, our staff went from posting web-exclusive content every couple of weeks to posting several items every day using the beat system I proposed. I also created and maintained a Facebook and Twitter page for the site, and I helped and directed staff members as they live tweeted from sports games and posted photo galleries to Facebook. In a year’s time, the site went from having less than 500 visits a month to nearly 5,000 visits a month. Additionally, the site was one of two websites in the state to be named a 2012 NSPA Online Pacemaker Finalist.

After helping launch the JagWire’s news website my junior year of high school, I spent countless hours improving the website as editor-in-chief my senior year.
By the end of 2012, the site’s traffic had grown substantially as seen in these Google Analytics for the site. For example, traffic grew 800 percent from February 2011 to February 2012.
As editor-in-chief, I also created a Twitter and Facebook page for the website. I planned social media strategies such as live tweeting from sports games and creating interactive contests. This picture shows the Twitter page in its early stages. By the end of the year, we had about 700 followers. A large portion of the school’s 1,100 students were following the site.



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